Geolife Balance Nano Flower & Fruit Drop Protector


Geolife Balance Nano Flower & Fruit Drop Protector

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  • Flower Drop Arrester

  • Complete nutrition for Flower

Flower Dropping/Abortion

  • Flower drop (known to some as “blossom drop”) is a relatively common problem faced by farmers growing all kinds of fruits, vegetables, cereals & pulses.
  • Flowers drops off without forming fruits leading to loss in yield.
  • Balance Nano helps in prevention of flower dropping which is directly related to increase in yields.

Flower Drop Arrester

  • Balance Nano is a unique combination of nutrients & special enzymes required for flower to provide complete nutrition during flowering stage.
  • It improves flower formation and ensures maximum fruit setting.
  • It provides proper nutrition to the flowers during flower development and reduces premature flower dropping and flower abortion.
  • Suitable for all crops.

Role of Flower Drop Arrester

Dosage: 50 Gram per Acre | 125 Gram per Hectare


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