5 Benefits You Need to Know About Backyard Urban Gardening!
backyard urban gardening


Urban gardening is the cultivation of plants in urban areas. Traditional thinking was that plantations can only be done in rural areas because of the large space. However, urban gardening challenges this thinking as with the right information and ingredients one can grow plants even in smaller spaces.

Due to pollution and industrialization, there is an ongoing demand for plantations in urban areas. In furthermore, markets mostly sell preservative-treated vegetables. By creating your kitchen garden you can grow healthy and fresh vegetables.

Organic food is free from preservatives and pesticides. If you love fresh and nutritive food, grow an urban garden!

  1. Grow preservative-free vegetables

The market is full of processed food. They are treated with chemical preservatives to maintain it’s freshness from the outside. But as vegetables are perishable they are most likely to get spoiled from inside.

You can find spoiled vegetables in a market that look shiner and colorful from the outside. However, later you get home you notice they are spoiled. It is because of chemicals vendors used to treat them.

With backyard urban gardening you can grow fresh and healthy vegetables. Grow your kitchen garden in a compact space and take benefit of organic food.

  1. Save money

You must be wondering how you can save money by urban gardening? You can save much money as vegetables available in malls are charged 12-18% GST. Even though there is no guarantee they will be pesticide or chemical-free.

You can save money by cultivating in the backyard and urban gardening practice. Organic vegetables are safe and nutritious. So, if you want to save money, start growing in the kitchen garden.

  1. Start a small business

You can make money by selling organic vegetables from your backyard and urban gardening. With the right information and ingredients for planting it is possible to make money. In urban areas availability of fresh and organic vegetables is scarce. That increases the demand for fresh vegetables.

You can grow these vegetable plants in your house backyard and sell them to people. This will help you to start your small business. Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Relieve stress by gardening

Gardening is a stress reliever hobby. It is proved that greenery has positive effects on human psychology. People who spend time gardening feel more happy and positive. Imagine working all day just to get home feeling empty.

Gardening gives us an excuse to spend time with plants. Hobbies plays important role in positive reinforcement. And gardening is a great hobby you can choose to relieve your daily work stress.

  1. Decorate your home

If you love greenery, you can design a kitchen garden to enrich home decoration. There are all types of planters available that are aesthetically pleasing. You can use planters on walls or designer wooden planters, that don’t require much space and are beautiful to look at.

So, if you like to design your house, you can use greenery.


There are many benefits of backyard urban gardening as it adds up profits in our life. You can grow fresh and nutritive vegetables, save money, start selling or decorating your home. It also is a stress reliever hobby that uplifts your mood.

If you want to add all these benefits, start kitchen gardening. It’s easier than you think. You need the right information and ingredients that you can find on the Agrisetu app. So, what are you waiting for? Start now!