7 Benefits of Planting Lavender Seeds in Your Urban Garden!
Lavender Seeds


Lavender is known as a beautiful purple flower that attracts the eyes of viewers. However, it’s not just beautiful but also has many herbal properties. In ancient Egypt, lavender powder was used in the mummification of dead bodies to keep them protected from microbial damage.

In ancient Greece, people used lavender oil for body massage, it was known to enhance skin texture. Even now, lavender is used for various health and beauty purposes.

Lavender is heavenly popular for its sweet smell. Many people buy lavender base perfumes. Its effect is both calming and relaxing. By planting lavender seeds in your urban garden you can take advantage of this amazing herb.


  1. Skin Care

Lavender is antibacterial as it inhibits the growth of acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium. By adding the dry lavender powder to your face back, you can use it on your skin. It results in clear skin without any pimples and acne.

It helps to prevent acne breakout. You can also use lavender oil to massage your skin. It will make your skin smoother and clear.

  1. Fight insomnia

Lavender oil is known to have a calming effect. By inhaling its scent or applying it to the skin, your mind would feel calm down and you can sleep better. People who are fighting insomnia can use lavender oil for better sleep.

  1. Hair loss

Hair loss is caused by a poor diet, bad blood circulation, and a dry scalp. Massage by lavender oil helps to grow hair. It has antibacterial properties which help to make scalp skin bacteria and fungal-free. Massage from lavender oil improves blood circulation that results in hair growth.

  1. Massage

For a long time, people use essential oil for massage. It calms down the nerves and helps your body to relax better. People who experience body pain should take lavender oil massages. This will help their muscles and bones to relax and increase body blood circulation.

  1. Anti-bacterial

Lavender has antibacterial properties. You can use it to treat stomach ulcers pain. People who suffer from stomach aches should drink lavender tea as a pain reliever.

  1. Menstrual cramps

You can use it to treat menstrual cramps. Lavender oil soothes prostaglandins that cause period cramps. Its massage relaxes the uterine contractions. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, you can use it for headaches and stomach aches too.

  1. Perfume

Lavender gives off a very delicate, calming, and sweet smell. People love to wear lavender-based perfumes. It also gives off very calming effects and helps to relax better. You can make your perfume by planting lavender seeds in your garden along with its many benefits!


Lavender has many benefits for hair, skin, health, and medicinal. You can use it to treat skin inflammation and pain reliever. Because of its health and beauty benefits, it is very herb among home gardeners. If you also want to take advantage of these benefits, then start by planting lavender seeds in your kitchen garden!