Things You Need To Know Before Buying Lemongrass Seeds Online!


Lemon grass, also known as Cochin grass or fever grass, is a tropical herb. It is found in tropical areas like Asia, Africa, and Australia belongs to the grass family. Species like Cymbopogon citratus are grown for culinary and medicinal uses.

Lemon grass is found in more than 50 species but only African and Asian species could be used for cooking purposes. One of its main traits of it is its smell. It smells of fresh lemon that’s why people call it lemongrass. It grows up to 2 cm and has narrow-length green leaves.

It is used in making soaps and as an insect repellent. If you grow it closer to other plants, then it protects them too from insects and mosquitoes. Moreover, it is used in culinary because of its citrus taste and smell.

Lemon grass is used for many purposes. There are some of the benefits of lemongrass!

Benefits of lemongrass

  1. Relieve pain

Lemongrass oil massage is used for relieving pain. It has anti-inflammation properties that help to reduce pain effect and improve blood circulation.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Because of its anti-inflammation properties, it is used to relieve stomach pain. An increase of acid in the stomach could cause gas problems. It also has fiber that helps to treat constipation.

  1. Maintain sugar and cholesterol level

Lemon improves the secretion of insulin hormone that promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and glucose. An increasing level of glucose in the blood could cause hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure.

So, insulin hormone is important which helps in the full metabolism of glucose in the blood and maintains a level of sugar and cholesterol.

  1. Mosquito repellent

Citronella grass is also used as insect and mosquito repellent sprays. Because of its distinct lemon smell, it has an effect on insects that repels them from it. Geraniol and citronella is the key component of lemongrass that gives it lemon flavor and smell.

It is also used in soap making because of its antiseptic properties.

  1. Culinary use

You may have heard about lemongrass used in culinary. Lemongrass gives citric flavor to the prepared dish which is liked by many people. It is also used in preparing lemongrass tea that has many medicinal benefits of relieving stomach pain, treating cough and cough.


Lemon grass is ingrown in tropical conditions and it needs plenty of water and 6-7 hours of sunlight. You can grow it in your garden easily. You can buy lemon grass seeds online from Agrisetu. They sell all the necessary ingredients you may need for growing an urban garden.


Lemongrass is a very precious herb with many benefits. From culinary to medicinal, it can be used in a variety of ways. Most important is the citric smell of it that attracts many people towards it. So, it wants to enhance the beauty of your urban garden, then buy lemon grass seeds online from Agrisetu and grow a beautiful garden!