What are Planters and Why Do You Need Planters For Indoor Plants!
Kitchen Gardening and Planters


Growing plants in urban areas could be hard because of the small space. However, with the right techniques, you can grow plants even in compact spaces without any problems. Planters came in handy when you are planning to create an urban garden.

You can even grow fresh vegetables and herbs. All you need is planning and ingredients to help you cultivate plants. Compost, quality seeds, planters, gardening tools are much needed. Along with ingredients gaining gardening knowledge is equally important. Seasonal availability of seeds quality, creating compost, etc. are the basic knowledge a gardener should know.

What are planters?

Planters are containers that are used to put plants. It protects them from outer damage and even area aesthetically pleasing for your garden decoration.

Planters are available in different forms and sizes. You can buy for wall hanging and even inboxes. They come in metal, stones, and wooden materials. People who don’t have a backyard garden can use walls for gardening.

Yes, you read that right. Walls can be used for plantations. There are different types of planters available for walls too. You can hang them or place them on board. It enhances the decoration of your house.

Wall Planters

You can place wall planters indoor for urban gardening. Just be cautious that sunlight should be available for plants to grow. Wall planters can be placed anywhere in the house as they take little space. You can even use them for house decoration.

Green walls are helpful to reduce stress and they freshen up the air. By planting plants inside the home, you can make your surroundings more freshen up. The green color itself is known as a stress reliever. So, use wall planters indoor to refresh the surroundings.

Wall Hanging Planters

The wall hanging planters are designed to contain big planters and they also look pleasing to the eyes. The benefit of wall hanging planters is that you can grow a variety of plants in one space. As it doesn’t take much space.

It’s best for new gardeners so they can take care of different plants in one place. Wall hangers also come in designer shapes which will greatly enhance your house look. You can grow plants variety of shapes and sizes.

Small pots as planters

Small pots can be used as planters for indoor plants. They can easily be shifted from one place to another. So, that they could get enough sunlight. You can easily rearrange your urban garden with small pots. They are easy to handle and carry and don’t need much space.

Pots have better drainage systems which will help plants to excrete excess water. They came in very handy and are also used for house decoration because of their availability in different shapes and sizes.

Why do you need to buy planters for your urban garden?

Planters are containers that don’t need much space. They make plants portables so that you can easily shift them from one place to another. They also act as barriers to save plants from outer incidents and footsteps.

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Planters are beneficial for your urban garden. They provide protection and are aesthetically pleasing. You can easily buy them from Agrisetu. You will find a variety of planters such as wall planters, wall hanging planters, box planters, and so on. So, check them out!