Geolife Nanomeal Nourish (For Flowering and Fruiting Stage)


Geolife Nanomeal Nourish (For Flowering and Fruiting Stage)

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For Flowering and Fruiting Stage

  • Nanomeal Nourish has been specially designed for the multiple harvesting crops (plants which have fruiting and flowering stage at the same time).
  • For Flowering: extra Phosphorus helps promote the development of additional flowering sites, especially during the early stages of flower production.
  • During flower production, the plants continue to need higher levels of Phosphorus to help provide energy for the developing fruit.
  • For Fruiting: equal ratios of Nitrogen and Potash improves soluble solid content (TSS), titratable acidity, pulp firmness, and fruit color.
  • Potassium reduces physiological disorders (creasing and cracking in fruits, blotchy ripening.), incidence of pests and diseases, enhances storage and shipping quality and extends shelf life.
  • The presence of Zn, B and Mg is essential for carbohydrate and starch formation and translocation of sugar.

Dosage :Foliar application 200-250 gm/acre

Fertigation Apply 40% quantity of Conventional water soluble fertilizers

N P K Mg Zn B
10 40 10 2 1 0.2

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