Geolife Nanomeal Flora (For Flowering Stage)


Geolife Nanomeal Flora (For Flowering Stage)

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For Flowering Stage

  • High percentage of P in this formulation helps in increasing flowering ,also acts as a structural component of energy storage.
  • The residual energy created is then held in the ATP and distributed throughout the plant as needed.
  • Nutrients like Mn, Mg, Zn improves utilization and mobility of Phosphorus and is involved in enzymatic activities.
  • The presence of B at this stage is essential for pollen tube formation which is important for pollination and affects seed/fruit setting.
  • Nanomeal Flora prevents premature flower dropping.
  • Presence of Mo reduces Nitrogen effect in plant & increases carbohydrates.
  • Increases C:N Ratio & Increases flower

Dosage :Foliar application 200-250 gm/acre

Fertigation Apply 40% quantity of Conventional water soluble fertilizers

N P K Mg Zn B Mn
40 25 2 1 0.4 1




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