Geolife NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer


Geolife NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer

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GEOLIFE NANO NPK 19:19:19 is a 100 % water soluble fertilizer containing all three major nutrients i.e , 19% Nitrogen , 19% Phosphorus and  19% Potassium  in equal quantity, used for foliar application and Fertigation (Drip irrigation) to fulfils deficiency of any or all three nutrients at any stage of plant growth.  It is Useful for all crops and gives crop early boost, Increases vigor of the crop , Makes the crop healthy Since pesticides and fungicides are very compatible with this product. All pesticides and fungicides can be mixed with it.


  • GEOLIFE NANO NPK 19:19:19 is a very good source of soluble Nitrogen ,  phosphate, and potash.
  • It encourages healthy vegetative growth of plants in early stages and seed and flower formation in later stage.
  • It also play important role in formation of amino acid and chlorophyll which lead to growth and development of plants.
  • It contributes to many fundamental plant processes such as strong roots and setting flower buds.
  • It also helps in Improvement of crop quality & Increase resistance to plant diseases.
  • It also helps the plant through stressed times such as disease/insect damage, drought and cold temperatures.
  • It Performs very well for flowering plants and fruit-bearing plants. Increases the quantity and size of fruits, leaves and flowers.
  • It increases crop yield by 20-25%.


Recommended Crops  – All Crops (fruits, flowers, vegetables, cereals, pulses, cotton, cane & tea)

Mode Of Application – Foliar spray / Fertigation

Storage – Store in a dry and cool place.

Dose-1-2gm/Liter ( 200 GMS/Acre)

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